Why Clinton And Sanders Fighting Over $3 Is Actually About Preventing Homelessness

How people actually live with the current “living wage”

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have battled over big banks many times, but one of the most contentious moments of last night’s debate came down to a few bucks—$3 to be exact—which is the difference in proposed figures for a federal minimum wage. Sanders accused Clinton of pushing for a bill that fell short at $12, while saying he staunchly advocates $15 for America’s new living wage.

Their argument comes at a pivotal moment. The Fight for $15 movement, which first launched as a fast food worker strike in New York City, is now an international call to arms. And according to the organization’s website their coalition is now 300 cities strong.

Just how important is this push for $15 as our standard living wage? To give you a snapshot of perspective, we created this video: “Is It Possible To Afford Rent Working Minimum Wage?” The answer will surprise you.