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These Are The Questions New Yorkers Most Want Answered About Sanders And Clinton

Google Trends show Bernie’s policies and Hillary’s bio are what’s important to primary voters

On the day of their state’s primary to vote for the future Democratic presidential nominee, New Yorkers have some lingering questions Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. According to Google Trends they are:

Hillary Clinton

Clinton with a few of New York's finest

Where is Hillary Clinton from? Chicago, Illinois

Where was Hillary Clinton today? Hillary Clinton voted in her state’s primary today at the Douglas Griffin Elementary School in Chappaqua, New York, the same town she lives in with her husband, Bill.

Where does Hillary Clinton live? Chappaqua, New York

How much has Hillary Clinton raised? According to OpenSecrets, Clinton has raised $224.1 million for her campaign. Self-financing and individual campaign donations make up 71% of that amount, with the remaining 29% coming from Super PACs and other groups.

Who designs Hillary Clinton’s clothes? Honestly this doesn’t even matter so we’re not going to dignify this with the research it would take to answer correctly. But thanks for playing.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders inspires a lot of enthusiasm in a staid political environment

Is Bernie Sanders in the top 1 percent? Sanders recently released his 2014 tax returns, which showed $205,000 of income between him and his wife, Jane. That places him in the top 6 percent. His salary as a Senator is $174,000 and the rest of that amount was filled out by social security benefits.

Who plays Bernie Sanders on SNL? Kate McKinnon (who also plays Hillary Clinton).

Why vote for Bernie Sanders? Sanders is a reform candidate. In the sense that he gets a lot of support from voters who are tired of The System and are fed up with the toxic insiders-only culture of Washington D.C., Sanders is kind of like the Democrat’s version of Donald Trump. Except not terrifying.

He’s charismatic, funny, sounds like Larry David and has ended up on the right side of history pretty often throughout his life. Sanders was arrested for demonstrating on behalf of desegregation for Chicago public schools in the 1960s. He opposed the war in Iraq in 2002. Eight years prior to the Wall Street collapse of 2008, he grilled Alan Greenspan about the danger of consolidating the financial sector into fewer, larger companies and also about the need to raise the minimum wage. He also has a strong progressive record on healthcare, climate change and LGBT rights. There’s also BernieMan and Berniechella.

Will Bernie raise taxes? Politifact described Sanders’ tax policy as his “plan to soak the rich.” He would increase taxes and add new taxes that predominantly target corporations and wealthy citizens. This would include taxing foreign profits made by U.S. companies and an increased cost to moving an enterprise abroad.

Politifact also reports that, “Under Sanders’ plan, the top 1 percent of taxpayers would pay $525,000 more on average or about 34 percent in after-tax income, while the top 0.1 percent would dole out $3.1 million or 45 percent more in 2017,” and, “Middle-income households would see their taxes rise by about $4,700, equal to about 10 percent of after-tax income. Those in the lowest-income bracket would pay an additional $165, or 1.3 percent.” It’s unknown how Sanders would get his plan, which is decidedly more liberal than anything Barack Obama has managed to pass, through a Congressional vote.

Will Bernie Sanders win New York? According to FiveThirtyEight, Hillary Clinton has a 98% chance of winning the New York primary as of 2:35 pm PST.

It’s pretty annoying that most of the questions about Sanders favor policy issues while the ones about Clinton seem to focus on her credibility as a New Yawkuh and her sartorial choices. Where did she grow up? Where does she live now? Who designs her clothes? Do I know her mother? I mean, damn it! Sorry she’s not your fantasy eccentric grandpa, but really? Not one question about Hillary on the economy? Or Hillary on immigration? Or Hillary on future relations with Russia? Overall it’s a pretty disappointing list of queries coming out of the Empire state, but now you have the answers.

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