Fightin' iRish: Notre Dame Class Switches to iPads

Could the iPad replace the college textbook? The University of Notre Dame is going to find out. This fall, as part of a year-long study on e-readers, students in the school's Project Management course will use Apple's wireless tablet for readings, note-taking, research, and whatever else they want.

Corey Angst, the professor teaching the course, told ND Newswire “We want to know whether students feel the iPads are useful and how they plan to use them." Perhaps Apple would like to know, too (the extent of the partnership between the school and the gadgetmaker is a little unclear).

Even if the students find it hard to type on those virtual keys, at least they'll save money on books, and e-readers are generally better for the environment than paper books. Unfortunately for the students, however, the iPads are only on loan.