Fighting for Water Rights in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh's Mega-City

Two years ago on World Water Day, PBS NewsHour aired a story I shot about bringing water to slum dwellers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, one of the world's fastest growing mega-cities.

Thousands of people still arrive in Dhaka everyday with hopes of earning higher wages to support their families. Many of these people still seek shelter in Dhaka’s slum communities.

These people earn little more than $2 US per day working manual labor jobs, and will often spend up to one-third of their income on water. Without access to legal, safe drinking water they often are forced to tap into city water lines, buy high-priced water from vendors, or pump suspect, dirty water from unregulated wells.

It's hard for me to forget the people I met during my shoot and their daily struggle for clean water. Equally difficult to forget are the water advocates who were challenging the status quo and making strides in delivering this most precious resource to Dhaka's most vulnerable populations.

Here is a previously unreleased short film that focuses on the pioneering effort of water advocates in Dhaka to bring affordable city water to slum dwellers.