Follow Your iPhone to Shakespeare's London Follow Your iPhone to Shakespeare's London

Follow Your iPhone to Shakespeare's London

by Cord Jefferson

January 23, 2011
All the world may not be a stage, but with the new "Shakespeare's London" iPhone app, it can sure feel like it for a day.

Designed by former Guardian journalist Victor Keegan, the app uses the iPhone's geonavigation tool to guide Londoners and London visitors to some of the Bard's favorite former haunts. There's the Globe theater, of course, but Keegan also directs fans to more obscure, long-destroyed landmarks where modern office buildings now stand. So while you may not be able to have a pint at the Falcon Inn, the Swan theater-adjacent pub where Shakespeare almost surely drank, you can still take a picture next to the plaque that commemorates its existence.

Accompanying the location markers are thoroughly researched informational sidebars. Thus, you won't just stand in front of where The Elephant used to be, you'll also know that it was "an inn and former stew house (brothel)," and that Shakespeare referenced it in Twelfth Night—behold, Elizabethan product placement. 

photo (cc) via Flickr user mckaysavage

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Follow Your iPhone to Shakespeare's London