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For the People

May 31, 2007
Mark Twain famously said,

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VolunteersOne-and-a-half million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not one of them came home unchanged. Paul Rieckhoff introduces our profiles, which include original GOOD videos. Outsider PoliticsMike Gravel was the earliest candidate in the history of presidential elections to announce his candidacy. After shaking things up at the first Democratic debate, he is polling around 1 percent. The funny thing is, he actually thinks he can win.Waste ManagementWhile the federal government dishes out voter-friendly tax cuts and goes on spending sprees abroad, the country's top accountant says we're racing toward a fiscal crisis. Who will bear the brunt? You. Meet your new best friends in Washington: the Government Accountability Office.Polling and Rolling!The Road to the Presidency Board Game.
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For the People