Gay Couple’s Army Prom Photos Light Up Social Media

“Yeah, so I guess I’m coming out to the military”

(Max Emerson/Instagram)

Andrés Camilo and Max Emerson are officially the military’s new favorite couple. Emerson, whose boyfriend Camillo, currently serves in the National Guard, created a social media sensation when he posted a picture of the couple together heading to the annual prom at West Point, the military’s prestigious military academy.

“Hello from gay prom,” Emerson wrote in the Instagram post, which has been liked by more than 36,000 people.

Camilo returned the gesture with a photo on his own Instagram account captioned, “My date is the best.”

(Andres Camilo/Instagram)

The positive response to the photos has made the story go viral, with a number of blogs and news outlets picking up on the story. And even after a few people were critical of the couple, a far larger wave of support came rushing in across social media, praising the men and celebrating their winning look:

Emerson is a popular model and filmmaker, who last year announced the couple’s relationship in a YouTube video that also went viral with more than 300,000 views:

In that video, Camilo introduces himself as a consultant in New York City and as a soldier in the U.S. National Guard.

“Yeah, so I guess with this video I’m coming out to the military.”