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GOOD 100: Meet Martin Tull, Making Sports Sustainable

Martin Tull is the executive director of Green Sports Alliance, a nonprofit that works with over 100 sports teams and venues to improve environmental practices and encourage sustainability in the industry, with partners that include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Green Building Council.
In August 2013, Tull will help kick off a three-day Green Sports Alliance Summit in New York, bringing together sports executives, league officials and environmental experts to raise awareness and catalyze change.
“With three days of conference programming and pre-conference environmental tours of local sports venues, we're bringing together sports executives, league officials and environmental experts,” Tull says. “We will be exploring innovations in environmental initiatives from across the sports industry and helping to expand awareness, make the business case and catalyze action. And of course, working throughout the year with 150 sports teams and facilities is a full time project as well.”


The Alliance will also continue to spread the word about the progress that is being made by teams and leagues around the country. Tull challenges people to ask their favorite team about their environmental programs, offer to volunteer to help them, and lend any sustainability expertise to the Alliance.
“We've built a remarkable coalition of partners working on environmental initiatives in sports, but we can always use a hand,” Tull says. “And of course, donations never hurt.”
The Alliance will be celebrating its three-year anniversary, and with the momentum Tull and co. have built, they’re ready to double down on some big projects this year. Look out for sports teams to announce some big electronics waste collection events, lighting retrofits, and new Alliance webinars exploring these issues in detail.

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