GOOD 100: Meet Shantell Martin GOOD 100: Meet Shantell Martin

GOOD 100: Meet Shantell Martin

May 30, 2013

Shantell Martin is a Brooklyn-based artist from London, and everyone is talking about her crazy lines. Martin expresses herself in a range of mediums: she performs live shows that integrate digitally projected drawings with light and music; she makes clothing, and last year she designed a limited edition shoe for NikeID, and collaborated on a needlepoint project with her grandmother. But it’s her style of wild, stream-of-consciousness line drawing, with which she compulsively covers every surface in her vicinity, that has already made Martin’s work iconic.
Her work is internationally acclaimed and includes everything from free-association drawings on bedroom walls to digitally projected drawings in Tokyo nightclubs. And if there's any indication that she’s been inducted into popular culture, Martin even appeared as herself on an episode of Gossip Girl. Her mantra: Do Less. Be More.

As for 2013, Martin says a bunch of different projects are in the works, but she’s most excited about teaching her own, class called “Drawing on Everything,” at NYU. 
“It’s big deal for me as I’ll be writing the syllabus and teaching this over a period of months, which is a big change from my normal spontaneous way of working,” Martin says.
Martin also hopes to get back into live visuals this year, as well as secure a studio in New York City for her art. Other items on her to-do list include applying for a green card and seeking out art competitions to submit her work.

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GOOD 100: Meet Shantell Martin