GOOD 100: Meet Paul Kamuf, Synching Film to the Latest Technology

Paul Kamuf’s Love Synchs, which he released last year, is an experimental film that marries its story to its medium; the 10-minute short is the first hybrid movie/app, and can only be viewed across two separate tablet screens. To watch, two people must download the app on their tablets in the same place; the 10-minute short then plays across both screens.
“Generally,” says Kamuf, “I am interested in working on creating narratives that are intertwined with the technology used to present them.”
The artist, director, and filmmaker has worked with several musicians and the likes of MTV2, always aiming to reclaim the overhyped terms; social, mobile, and video.
Kamuf’s main project for 2013 is creating a follow-up to Love Synchs. Staying true to form, the sequel will be a film/technology mix involving the ubiquity and uniformity of smartphones. As always, the story will be told with hijinx and whimsy in a custom technology presentation.
“Basically it's a funny short film that lives on the web and has some features a Youtube video wouldn't, couldn't, or shouldn't,” Kamuf says.


This summer, look out for Kamuf’s celebration of the conclusion of Mike Bloomberg’s seemingly endless mayoral reign over New York—a short pseudo-documentary roast of the billionaire.
Says Kamuf: “It will be a New York-centric, roast-like goodbye to hizzoner!”
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