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GOOD 100: Meet Talia Leman, the Teen CEO Helping Kids Change the World

Talia Leman who, at age ten, encouraged her peers to trick-or-treat for Katrina Relief, raising almost $10 million dollars through 4,000 schools nationwide, is now the CEO of RandomKid.
The nonprofit, which works to empower children all over the world, has brought together more than 12 million kids in 20 countries to provide aid to four continents. The teenager is also UNICEF’s national youth ambassador and recipient of the National Jefferson Award.
“RandomKid has launched all sorts of initiatives, brainstorming exciting ways to take youth ideas for a better world and increase their impact substantially for the causes they care about,” Leman says. “The way we do this is by giving youth free tools and resources to succeed—from web pages, to seed funds, to a nonprofit umbrella, to green product branding, to an online storefront, to consultations, and so much more.”


RandomKid’s support structure helps it to increase the return for any youth’s cause-of-choice by (yes, for real) 150 to 1000 percent, Leman says. She calls that “The Big Return,” for obvious reasons.
Leman’s current goal is to develop a mobile app that offers young people five to ten more tools to increase their impact. Some of these include the ability to transfer special discount coupons to volunteers for items at local retail shops, donation texting codes, and the ability to create an awareness piece that can be shared with contacts via mobile phone.

Join Leman in designing and creating your own superhero to help Orphans Worldwide.\n

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