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GOOD Books: Gifting the Grads GOOD Books for Graduation GOOD Books: Gifting the Grads GOOD Books for Graduation

GOOD Books: Gifting the Grads GOOD Books for Graduation

by Kat Fatland

June 23, 2011
The Lost Art of Reading
By David Ulin
160 Pages. Sasquatch Books. $12.95
The Internet is to the book what the microwave is to the oven: Just because you can cook an entire meal for yourself in 90 seconds doesn’t mean it tastes better, and just because you can now read the Sparknotes version of Bleak House in under two hours and somehow end up with an A- paper doesn’t mean you’re getting the same experience. Plenty of grads leave college pledging that they’ll never touch another book unless it’s about monkeys or beer; Ulin exposes their foolishness. In a world full of instant gratification and hyperactive mouse-clicking, The Lost Art of Reading reminds us that we need to make time to sit back, contemplate, and soak it all in once in a while. Admit it: Your Lean Cuisine tastes despicable, and Crime and Punishment, in all of its 576 page glory, leaves a way better taste in your mouth than just about anything you’ll find on the inter-webs.

Personal Finance for Dummies
By Eric Tyson
458 Pages. Wiley, John & Sons, Inc. $21.99

Bank accounts are for real, home loans aren't myths, and someday your graduate will accidentally run into a parking structure that seemingly popped out of nowhere, denting the bumper beyond repair. Although the grad may have a brand-spanking new bachelor's degree, chances are their Eastern Philosophy, Gender Theory, and Gaga Studies classes didn't teach them quite enough about how to go about, say, making a budget that includes things besides Campbell's soup and Little Debbies. Tyson's guidebook helps fill in the blanks that college may have left out (plus, the macrofinance gen-eds were always the easiest to skip.)
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GOOD Books: Gifting the Grads GOOD Books for Graduation