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GOOD Design Daily: A Fitting Homage to Steve Jobs

Charis Tevis has created an amazing series of portraits of the erstwhile Apple CEO using iPods, iMacs, and the company's other gadgets. Get well!

This piece was originally published last January, when Jobs announced he would go on leave from Apple. See all coverage of Steve Jobs' life and death.

Monday's news that Steve Jobs would be taking another leave of absence from Apple sparked plenty of conversation about what he has achieved so far. (Um, global domination?) But among the gadget punditry, one survey of Jobs's legacy stood out. A portrait by Greek designer Charis Tevis for the Italian magazine Panorama that uses hundreds of Apple products created under Jobs's tenure to make up his likeness.

Tevis has made many mosaic portraits but the cohesive design of Apple's products made them especially well-suited to be used as graphic "pixels." The interplay between the iconic white-white of Apple's hardware with the glossy black monitors gives a nice range of complementary shapes and sizes for Tevis to work with.

He even nailed Jobs's ever-present black mock turtleneck. Although I know what you're thinking: Where are all the pretty-colored iPods and Nanos? What about the blueberry iMacs?

Here's one that he made for Fortune where he added Apple icons and packaging to the mix.

What better way to send Jobs good vibes for a speedy recovery than by gazing upon an image of his visage composed of the products of his empire? Check out and download the large versions of Tevis's design in white and black.

via Co.Design

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