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GOOD Design Daily: Designers and the Books They Love

What's your favorite designer reading? A new site showcases the book picks of 50 design heavy-hitters from around the world.

Designers are known for their impeccable taste, from their glasses (black) to their clothes (black). Designers & Books is a delightful new site that answers the question: What are your favorite designers reading? (Fittingly, it's all in black, with a bit of white and red.)

Fifty designers have been added so far, and the culturally diverse lineup includes a number of heavy-hitters. The 677 books (and counting) are cross-referenced, so you'll soon discover that architects Eric Owen Moss and Jaquelin Robertson both love Anna Karenina. Plus—and this is a really nice detail—the site includes a comprehensive list of small bookstores. The site was created by Steve Kroeter, with a large team of collaborators. Designers at Pentagram are responsible for the site's minimalist look (their involvement may also explain the large percentage of Pentagram designers represented).

Want to know what's on the nightstand of, say, legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser? Simply click on his name and you'll see a list of his recommended reads, with a line or two about why he likes them, plus a link to his bio, so you'll know this is the man who designed the I Heart NY logo.

What might be the single best quality of the site is that the picks aren't limited to design books, like so many magazine roundups and end-of-year lists. Even designers are likely stumble across some previously-undiscovered books while gaining a more complete picture of their professional idols.

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