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GOOD Maker Challenge: Design an Infographic on Female HIV/Aids Rates

Passionate about HIV awareness? Create an infographic for GOOD Maker's challenge with ICRW and win $2500.

Calling all with an eye for graphic design and a heart for HIV/AIDS awareness: GOOD Maker has teamed up with the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) for our latest challenge. We're scouting visual and effective solutions to lower HIV infection rates among women in the developing world. Do you live and breathe Adobe Creative Suite and love transforming numbers into a visual work of art? This challenge is for you. Pull on your design cap and have your sketchpad ready—we’re looking for a clear and innovative infographic idea that will show why women in the developing world are especially vulnerable to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

As a member of the HIV/AIDS research and advocacy consortium, STRIVE, ICRW is working to find solutions to lower female HIV rates, specifically younger women—the worst affected. Women ages 15 to 24 are most vulnerable, with double the infection rates of young men. Despite biomedical advances in the past 25 years, women in the developing world remain victims of HIV. STRIVE has compiled a list of "structural drivers," socio-cultural-economic factors that fuel the virus' spread. These drivers include "gender inequality and gender roles, limited livelihood opportunities, stigma and criminalization, and unrestricted alcohol availability and drinking norms."

Take the information and abstract issues provided by STRIVE, connect the dots, and design an infographic that visually communicates these "structural drivers" and how they fuel HIV/AIDS transmission. Can interventions make a difference? Use your infographic to tell the story. The concept with the most votes wins $2,500 cash, and the winner will have three months to implement the idea into a data visualization. ICRW will promote the final design on its web site, through its social media channels, and throughout its global HIV/AIDs network.

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