GOOD Video: Outward Bound Takes Learning into the Wild


This content was produced by GOOD with the support of Apollo Group

Imagine trusting your survival to a group of strangers. Could you do it? This is what students at the experiential education school Outward Bound face when they begin a course. Using the outdoors as their classroom, students backpack, canoe, and sail their way through real world problem solving, traversing physically and mentally challenging situations as a group. By pushing everyone to their limits, Outward Bound believes this type of character education is an invaluable skill for life success, and should be taught alongside a standard high school curriculum.

Outward Bound students learn to collaborate as a team and see firsthand that every action has a consequence. Not only do these experiences teach them to climb a mountain or survive whitewater rapids, but studies show they'll help better prepare them for everyday life, whether maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships or in the job market when they're faced each day with working with different groups of people. Watch and see what students are learning and doing in unconventional ways with Outward Bound.

This is the fourth of six videos in the Teaching for Tomorrow series, which explores learning approaches that best prepare students for the workforce of the 21st century.

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