GOOD Weekend

If you haven't spent the week feeling swept away by Olympics spirit, maybe you need to spend Sunday cycling through every nation's national anthem while catching up on the headlines.

At the games: Michael Phelps is really good at swimming.

Elsewhere across the Atlantic: A woman in Egypt gave birth to septuplets.

Norway knights a king. Penguin.

Nepalese Maoists are forming the first elected government after the abolition of their monarchy.

Russia agreed to a ceasefire and said they'd leave Georgia, but, in the words of Condoleezza Rice, "are perhaps already not honoring their word." Just this morning, they redeployed their troops.

And, foreboding news stateside: Florida declares a state of emergency for tropical storm Fay-before it even arrives.

A school district in Texas sets a great example by allowing teachers to bring guns to school. That's a bad sign on so many levels.