Google Drones Make Real Honey

Google Instant is pretty cool, but this week the search company released another exciting new product: honey. Real honey.

Google Instant is pretty cool, but this week the search company released another exciting new product: honey. Real honey.

Back in June, with help from the Marin Bee Company, Google employees set up four beehives (collectively called the Hiveplex) at its Mountain View, California, campus. Spearheaded by Rob Peterson, a software engineer, the aim of the project was to provide Googlers with sustainable honey, raise awareness of colony collapse disorder and the important role bees play in our food system, and address misconceptions about bees ("they're basically vegan wasps," says Peterson).

Yesterday, Peterson and the Google beekeepers harvested the first batch of honey—an estimated 400 pounds of it. In one of the campus cafeterias, they set up stations where Googlers could extract honey from the frames and take a bottle home. There are also plans for cooking classes that incorporate the honey and it might be used in an on-site cafe that specializes in local food.

And how did it taste? "Amazing," says Peterson. "Unless you've tasted fresh raw honey, you haven't tasted honey."

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