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The GOP Arcade Is The Most Entertaining Video Game You Can’t Win

Trying to get Trump’s taxes has never been so entertaining

Image via YouTube

After watching Monday night’s first presidential debate, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little frazzled. Amid tips and tricks for calming your nerves following the debates, there’s one thing you can do to have a little fun while also reveling in the stupidity of some of Donald Trump’s proposed policies. GOP Arcade, a satirical computer game created by designers Brian Moore, Chris Baker, Mike Lacher, and William Herring, lets you imagine what a Trump presidency would be like through the lens of a classic arcade game. Not to spoil anything, but its portrait of the future is not pretty.

The games were rejected by Apple for being too offensive, but luckily for those of us who aren’t easily offended, you can still play your heart out online for free. From “Get Trump’s Taxes” to “Science Fighter” to “Bomb The Right Place,” there’s no limit to the fun you can have while venting your rage over this year’s political climate. As the creators explained to design networking community Working Not Working,

“We tried to make all the games come from the same point of view, that of the GOP. Keeping that consistent let us be pretty silly while rooting it in satire. We also hope to include more than a few games that are underhandedly educational. Like ‘Bomb the Right Place,’ which can actually sharpen your Middle Eastern geography.”

An educational video game that also makes fun of Trump? What more could you really want? Check out the preview video above and try your hand at the unwinnable games by heading over to the GOP Arcade’s website.

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