9 Tips For Staying Calm While Watching A Presidential Debate

6. Let the emotions flow. Sometimes rage is OK

No matter which side you’re on this election season, presidential debates tend to bring out the worst in all of us. While they’ve always been emotionally charged events, the extreme divisiveness and high stakes nature of this year’s political climate will likely result in tonight’s debate topping the charts when it comes to generating rage fuel. Drinking games and nonfunctional bingo cards are decent at numbing the pain, but times like these call for something stronger—i.e. a heavy dose of sanity.

Here are some tips to help you keep your cool during tonight’s debate as well as all the raucous presidential showdowns to come.

1.Stay high when they go low. Throw a little shade if you must.

2. Take five breaths and remember, you vote for the winner.

3. Change into your most comfortable pajamas before witnessing all the uncomfortable tension.

4. Identify the cause of your stress, then channel it into registering to vote.

5. Take a short break, press pause and zone out to this gif to recenter.

6. Let the emotions flow. Sometimes rage is OK.

7. Immediately turn off the TV after the debate and enjoy the silence.

8. Visualize a loving family member to stay calm.

9. Accept our differences and vote for the most qualified candidate.


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