Make History This Thanksgiving By Taking Part in This Incredibly Ambitious New Project

A chance to make Thanksgiving about more than just turkey this year.

Thanksgiving is once again upon us, and we all know what that means—spending time with our loved ones while scarfing down three different desserts in one sitting. But this year, in addition to guilt-free binge eating, the nonprofit organization StoryCorps has partnered with Annenberg Learner to encourage everyone to partake in their fascinating new project, “The Great Thanksgiving Listen.”

The idea: Take advantage of a moment when your mouth is not filled with delicious food to interview an elder family member or friend. This groundbreaking project hopes to encourage students across the country to record stories from members of older generations whose long, rich lives are full of meaningful stories ready to be passed down.

As described in The Wall Street Journal, StoryCorps created this app to help you and yours contribute to the Library of Congress’ “archive of humanity’s wisdom.” The organization is expecting this project to yield what could possibly be the largest collection of human voices ever recorded.

Here is StoryCorps founder Dave Isay explaining the project in more detail and asking history teachers around the country to get their students involved.

And some helpful interview tips from NPR’s Steve Inskeep.

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