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Greenest Month Recap

I wish I could say it was only technical troubles that've delayed this final posting of The Greenest Month. But, nope, I've spent the past 10 days on a Great Spotted Owl hunt out in BC. Alright, it actually was technical troubles (my own 'net ignorance and nothing on GOOD's side, I can assure you).

So how did things wrap up? Inspired both by GOOD's weekly number crunching and the Harper's Index, I offer The Greenest Month-By the Numbers:Percentage above/below personal average monthly food budget: +6%
Pounds gained/lost during TGM: -4
Approximate miles cycled: 320
Kilowatt hours consumed below apartment average: 60
Pounds carbon emitted due to my activities (estimated): 333 1/3
American average for one month: 3096 2/3
Cost to offset my emissions: $5.87
Portion of me suprised by this low number: 100%
Number of trees the website suggests that I plant to offset my emissions: 1
Average distance food traveled to reach my mouth: 120 miles
Number of lapses that I considered major: 3
Hours of sleep lost over such lapses: 0
Number of TGM posts I'd envisioned before starting: 15-18
Total posted: 11
Percentage of TGM efforts that will likely survive the assignment's end: 70

Notes: Carbon emissions were estimated using the websites, BP Global's Carbon Calculator, and

So there's a quick peek at TGM, by the numbers. Of course, a much more thorough evaluation will be carved in the premier issue of GOOD, which I won't even bother to instruct you to subscribe to, as I'm so confident in the fact that you already have.

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Ben Jervey is the author of The Big Green Apple

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