The Action-Packed Way to Go Green The Action-Packed Way to Go Green
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The Action-Packed Way to Go Green

by Amara Holstein

May 10, 2011

Frank Scura’s always been part of action sports. Growing up in Santa Monica, California, he had Dogtown in his backyard and skateboarding heros like Jay Adams, Ray Flores, and Tony Alva dropping by to flirt with his cute sisters. He became a surfer and sometime-skater himself, and in 2002, he founded Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC) to involve action sports with environmental causes.

GOODWhat exactly are action sports?
Frank Scura: Basically, it’s anything you’d see on the X Games. It’s six core sports: surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, motocross, and wakeboarding. Snowmobiling and skiing come into play, too.

G: Why do you think action sports pros care about the environment and conservation?
FS: Being outside is a huge part of action sports; we’re environmentalists whether we want to be or not. Surfers know that what goes in the water affects you, and snowboarders know that temperature changes mean less snow. And skateboarders and BMX riders communicate with the natural or built environment on their skateboards or bikes. As a surfer, when I’m out there at night, and the sun’s going down and the water calms and I’m looking at the shore—it’s like breath itself, it’s amazing. Just being able to get out there and feel the sunshine, that’s what it’s all about.

G: What about your emphasis on eating local and organic foods?
FS: You can’t drive a Formula One car and put Arco gas in it. When you’re pushing yourself at the levels these pros are doing, throwing themselves on concrete or wood at high speeds over and over again, they want every advantage they can get. Give the body what it wants, and it’ll do its job. Eating well changes lives.

G: Any specific achievements that helped put ASEC on the map?
FS: In 2004, we helped the X Games go green. The people who run the Games are awesome, and really wanted to do what they could in terms of sustainability. So we jumped in, worked out a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) partnership for all the wood, brought in solar power, set up recycling and compost bins on site, and purchased clean energy credits. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of doing.

Scura (right) with pro skateboarder Chad Muska


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The Action-Packed Way to Go Green