This Grounded Girl Documented Her Dramatic ‘Escape’ From The Bedroom When She Got Locked In

The production values are surprisingly high for a self-made video

While it may sound like parents locking their child in a bedroom is something out of a melodramatic YA novel, the truth behind teenage Alexa Pacheco’s incarceration is a little less...sinister. When she was grounded, her parents took the doorknob off the door so they could enter her room.

What they didn’t consider is, once closed, a door without a doorknob can be pretty tough to open. When Alexa closed her door for privacy, she found she was locked in her room.

Realizing she had some time on her hands, Alexa turned her struggle into a cinematic short film that featured a soundtrack, black-and-white transitions, some improvised sobbing, and, naturally, a happy ending.

After receiving positive feedback on Snapchat, she put the film up on Twitter for a broader audience to enjoy. It might not be ready for Sundance just yet, but it’s got all the trappings of indie cinema.

For your consideration...Alexa’s Struggle.

After Alexa tasted sweet freedom, I hope her parents had the sense to put the knob back on the door so she’s not held captive should an actual issue arise in the house.