Hilarious Video Shows Mother Locking Herself In A Pantry

‘They never go away.’

There are many sacrifices that come with being a parent. A major one is losing the ability to be left alone. For many parents, alone time means relaxing for a few minutes with a glass of wine after the kid’s bedtime and then falling asleep on the couch because their so exhausted. Ashley Gardner of American Fork, Utah showed the ends a parent will go to just to get a second to herself in a hilarious video she recently posted to Facebook.

In the video, Gardner, the mother of quadruplet girls, hides in her kitchen pantry sneaking two pieces of liquorice while they play outside the door. “They don’t ever go away. They want everything you have,” Gardner says to the camera like she’s being chased by the Blair Witch. Then she pans her camera to the floor to show one child trying to get into the pantry beneath the door.

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Gardner may be exhausted from taking care of her children, but she’s over the moon about her four girls. Gardner and her husband, Tyson, spent eight years trying to conceive a child until she was implanted with two eggs via in vitro fertilization. Soon after, the eggs split, leaving the couple with quintuplets. The family has documented the journey on their blog, Gardner Quad Squad.

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Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual acts in the first degree in New York City.

The jury was unanimous in its convictions as well as two not-guilty verdicts on predatory sexual assault charges involving actress Annabella Sciorra.

The Miramax co-founder may spend the rest of his natural life behind bars.

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Jim Browning is a YouTuber from the UK who has an amazing ability to catch scammers in the act.

In this video, he responds to a scam email claiming he bought a laptop by breaking into the scammer's computer. In the process he uncovers where the scammers work, their banking information, and even their personal identities.

"I got an 'invoice' email telling me that I had paid for a $3800 laptop," Browning writes on his YouTube page. "No links... just a phone number. It's a real shame that these scammers emailed me because I was able to find out exactly who they were and where the were."

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A two-minute television ad from New Zealand is a gut punch to dog lovers who smoke cigarettes. "Quit for Your Pets" focuses on how second-hand smoke doesn't just affect other humans, but our pets as well.

According to Quitline New Zealand, "when you smoke around your pets, they're twice as likely to get cancer."

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