Help Support Green Roofs in New York, One Square Foot at a Time

Help support artist Eve Mosher (of the High Water Line project) in her latest venture: Green roofs in New York.

Eve Mosher—the brain behind the High Water Line project, which marked with blue chalk the post-climate change high tide line of New York—has a new project, called Seeding the City.

Initially, Seeding the City involved placing a small square of green on the roofs of New York buildings, creating a mini-green roof network to help support the idea of a city full of green roofs and get people used to having and caring for them.

But now that network of small green squares has spawned genuine interest, and now Seeding the City has launched a Kickstarter project to pay for workshops and installations of full green roofs next summer. They only have about 30 hours left. Help them out, won't you?

Below is a video if you would like to know more: