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Here's a Cool App to Reintroduce You to Classical Music

Looking to listen to more classical music? This app might be a great entry point for you.

Everybody's got dietary New Year's resolutions on the horizon. Maybe it's your media diet, your carbon diet, or your diet diet, but it seems easy and natural to consider our intake of whatever it is right after a month with a dominant consumerist theme.

One of the most satisfying resolutions I've made in years past was to simply listen to more classical music at home. I enjoyed it as a kid without understanding much of what was going on, so what was stopping me from enjoying it as an adult without understanding much of what was going on? Nothing! And I could now build myself a fire and pour a whiskey and make a pretty darn pleasant evening of it.

But I wish I'd had the advantage of this cool-sounding iPad app—The Orchestrafeatured and reviewed in detail on Slate. It gives users the chance to watch a performance from several camera angles, and to read along with relevant commentary, which sounds like it might be funny from time to time as a bonus. More from the Slate review:

The presentation of performance video and graphical information is where the app is elevated beyond being a pleasing curiosity and into something that feels legitimately groundbreaking in our appreciation of music—as though there might be a day when they give out Grammys for app-making.


Sounds like a really wonderful way to discover and focus on elements to enrich listening at home or in person.

Photo via Flickr (cc) user kubotake.

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