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Teacher Recreates The ‘Hidden Figures’ Poster With Her Students For Black History Month

The photo was taken for a Black History Month lesson

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When Hollywood takes a break from making CGI-heavy superhero films and decides to tell stories of empowerment, the effects can be life-changing. Hidden Figures is the story of three female African-American NASA mathematicians who helped launch John Glenn into space at the height of the Cold War. This Oscar-nominated film called attention to crucial yet overlooked contributions that African-American women made to one of America’s proudest moments. It has also given parents the opportunity to introduce their children to three incredible African-American role models.

In honor of Black History Month, Milwaukee College Prep teacher Terrance Sims created posters with his students to celebrate African-American culture. One of the posters was a recreation of the one sheet for Hidden Figures. For the photo, students Ambrielle Baker-Rogers, Miah Bell-Olson, and Morgan Coleman dressed in ‘60s clothing and got vintage hairdos to look like the film’s heroes, Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. The poster turned out so amazing that it caught the attention of its star, Octavia Spencer who commented about it on Twitter.

Spencer’s co-star, Janelle Monae, posted the photo to her Instagram calling it “Priceless” as did Taraji P. Henson who exclaimed, “Oh My Goodness In Heaven.” Ambrielle’s mother Jerrica Rogers took her daughter to see the film before the photo shoot. “It was so inspiring for both of us.” she told Buzzfeed. “My daughter was locked in the entire time and quotes parts of the movie even to this day! I love the message it promotes, especially for young black girls. It gives them role models in a field where our representation is so low. It was just an awesome and empowering experience.”

via Facebook

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