Hilarious Europe-Mocking Mosaic Hilarious Europe-Mocking Mosaic

Hilarious Europe-Mocking Mosaic

by Morgan Clendaniel

January 18, 2009
The Czech Republic, to honor its turn as president of the European Union, commissioned artist David Cerny to make an artwork. Cerny, in turn, asked several artist friends to each make a sculptural depiction of a European country, then he attached all those pieces together to form a 172-foot, 8-ton, pan-European mosaic, which was proudly installed at E.U. HQ in Brussels. Except, a closer look proved embarrassing for all involved. Quoth the Times:"Here is Bulgaria, represented as a series of crude, hole-in-the-floor toilets. Here is the Netherlands, subsumed by floods, with only a few minarets peeping out from the water. Luxembourg is depicted as a tiny lump of gold marked by a "for sale" sign, while five Lithuanian soldiers are apparently urinating on Russia. France? On strike."In fact, Cerny and his friends made the work-which also depicts Hungary Romania as a Dracula theme park and Germany as a vaguely swastika-shaped series of highways-themselves, creating fake websites for the "artists" they commissioned to work on it. People in Europe are deeply offended. Cerny, who once painted a Soviet war memorial bright pink, is probably laughing. And rightfully so. Some more of the pieces in question:
Here is a the full slideshow. And here is Cerny's website, which appears to be down.
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Hilarious Europe-Mocking Mosaic