Hillary Clinton Defends Government Support for Women's Reproductive Rights

Our Secretary of State makes an incredible case for why women's reproductive rights should be a priority worldwide.


Friday's announcement that the House of Representatives had moved to end all federal funding for Planned Parenthood did not sit well with advocates of women's reproductive rights. Some took the time to send a message to their representative over at the site I Stand With Planned Parenthood. Many took to Twitter to express their gratitude to Planned Parenthood using the hashtag #thanksPPFA.

But the best argument for providing safe, government-funded family planning might have been offered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a hearing in 2009. The above video captures her intelligent, impassioned plea for an end to reproductive ignorance worldwide, and it rings even more true after last week's ruling. We hope she'll be tapped to deliver another version of the speech to the current Congress.