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Hillary Clinton Has Been Quietly Building A Political Group To Defeat Trump's Agenda

Money talks

Hillary Clinton has decided she doesn’t have to run for president again to defeat Donald Trump.

Barely six months after the 2016 election came to a stunning conclusion, Clinton will reportedly launch Onward Together, a political advocacy group squarely focused on putting a stop to President Trump’s agenda. And, according to Politico, the group could be officially launching very soon.

And if that name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s very close to Clinton’s former campaign slogan, “Stronger Together.”

The group will reportedly pull from a team of longtime Clinton donors and advisors to help fund other groups and initiatives around the country. Rather than build a massive organization, the report says Clinton’s staff will be small, streamlined, and focused on helping to drive the financial energy behind the other groups that are already doing Trump resistance work in the field.

On one hand, you might think telling people how to spend their money against President Trump would be incredibly easy. But on the other hand, many donors are reportedly having trouble choosing exactly where to spread their influence at a time when so many causes and constituencies are potentially under attack from the White House and Congress.

And while plenty of people are already rolling their eyes at the idea of Clinton positioning herself at the center of the Trump resistance as a way to bolster her own political fortunes, it doesn’t look like the former secretary of state is using the group for her own benefit. Besides, even those who are lukewarm to Clinton’s capabilities as a candidate have to admit she’s very, very good at raising money. So, for those hoping that the Democratic Party, and progressive politics in general, move on from the Clinton generation, this could be a way to conveniently satisfy all parties—allowing Clinton to play a vital role in the movement’s future, while leaving the field open for a generation of new candidates and leaders to run for office, free of comparisons to the former first lady.

Clinton also has her own book in the works. So, while she almost certainly won’t be on the ballot in 2020, expect Clinton and her allies to remain at the forefront of the Trump resistance for the foreseeable future.

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