Watching Hillary Clinton Experience 40 Years Of Sexism In 3 Minutes Will Make You Cringe

She’s a “lady who has strong opinions”

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Hillary Clinton knows how to take a (figurative) punch.

Over the last 40 years, Clinton has faced some pretty intriguing lines of questioning from reporters. Sure, journalists ask her about her policies, beliefs, and political leanings, but many like to also add in a dig at the Democratic presidential nominee for not appealing to their idea of what a woman should be.

In a new mashup video by The National Memo, viewers can watch, and cringe, as reporter after reporter from the late ‘70s to today ask questions like, “Do you think the American people are ready yet to have a first lady who has strong opinions and an agenda?”

Clinton, ever the professional, takes the blatantly sexist questions and tones in stride, often nodding and smiling ever so slightly as each journalist lobs questions about likability her way.

Watch as she’s called “shrill,” “unlikable,” “untrustworthy,” and compared to Lady Macbeth by male and female journalists spanning four decades. If you have to look away, we understand.