Hillary Clinton Throws Chris Christie Under The Bridge With Damning Snapchat Video

Is this politics as usual or a scene straight from reality TV?

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It seems like the line between politics and social media celebrity has completely dissolved now that even Hillary Clinton is jumping in on the Snapchat game. On Wednesday, Clinton released a video to Snapchat that clearly called Chris Christie’s character into question, pulling a page straight from Kim Kardashian’s revenge playbook.

In light of Christie’s recent behavior, you could argue Clinton’s social media dig was more than warranted. During Tuesday night’s portion of the Republican National Convention, Chris Christie launched a brutal “mock trial” against Clinton, claiming she was “guilty” of numerous crimes. He was successful in revving up the crowd enough for them to chant, “lock her up.”

Many disagreed with this aggressive approach, even while bashing the opponent has become commonplace at both parties’ conventions. In an interview, non-partisan political analyst Stu Rothenberg compared Christie’s tactics to “a show trial in a Third World country,” while Republican senator Jeff Flake wrote in a tweet, “We can make the case that she shouldn't be elected without jumping the shark."

Well, Hillary Clinton fought back with a video that shows a stark contrast between Christie’s recent behavior and the friendly words he had for the Democratic presidential candidate back in February of this year. In the video, shared to Twitter by CNN correspondent Dan Merica, Christie gives his best wishes to former president Bill Clinton and suggests Hillary get her own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor.

Chris Christie has yet to release a statement in response to the damning video. In the meantime, Clinton’s camp continues to poke fun at his questionable ethics.

Does this mean we can expect politicians to troll one another as often as angst-ridden teenagers? It certainly seems that way. But until the consequences become imminently dire, most of us will likely sit back and watch the show, letting it influence our very real votes along the way.

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