Hipster Barbie Brilliantly Mocks Upper-Crust Millennials

A new Instagram account takes down faux Millennial authenticity—with dolls.

Barbie may be the world’s most mockable toy, but hipster is the Internet’s most beloved casual epithet. Recently, some genius on the Internet who prefers to remain anonymous (how very un-hipster of them!), decided to create a new Instagram account, featuring a newly designed “hipster” Barbie, known as Socality Barbie, in beautifully manufactured “authentic” scenarios. The results are, as you can probably imagine without even finishing this sentence, hilarious.

Socality Barbie subtly satirizes how smarmy millennials create “natural” conditions to emphasize their authenticity. Each post features a shockingly earnest or explicitly satirical caption, a la, “It’s like we’re all competing to make the best computer screen saver and the winner gets crowned most authentic.”

The awesome creator behind this awesome account told Buzzfeed that they’re a wedding photographer, but the actual person has yet to come forward. Check out more of Socality Barbie below and here on their Instagram.