Tito Ingenieri of Quilmes, Argentina, just put every well-constructed beer can pyramid you've ever built to shame. Argentina's already given us the house of plastic bottles and now, Ingenieri's given us the house of beer bottles. According to Treehugger, Ingenieri claims the house consists of 6 million bottles and trash that he's collected over 19 years:
Even if the home doesn't look sleek or chic, we have to give the guy credit for the recycling. Because even though usually beer bottles in Argentina are returnable, Ingenieri takes abandoned and non-returnable bottles from the street and has neighbors saving bottles for him.
Treehugger has an interesting video interview that shows the large scale of his home; it's definitely worth checking out. Ingenieri says he is willing to teach anyone how to build a similar home. Hopefully drinking each of the 6 million bottles needed to construct is not a prerequisite. There is such a thin line between environmental responsibility and borderline alcoholism.Photo (cc) by Flickr user LauriTg