A Homophobic Preacher On Campus Was Quickly Shut Down By A Quick-Witted Student

He was out of his league

The students of the University of California, San Diego were subjected to an unwelcome presence on their campus several weeks ago when a preacher started scolding passing students for the inclusion of homosexuals in their lives and schools.

As one would expect, most students passed by the loudmouthed homophobe without giving him a second thought, but one brave soul decided to turn the unpleasant event into an opportunity for some genuinely funny performance art.

He apes the preacher’s sentiments in a southern drawl, creating weird taglines and rhymes for the bigoted beliefs. The preacher, naturally, doesn’t know what to make of this student towering over him atop trash cans. Is he an ally? A troll? An enemy?

It’s clear to the guys filming the run-in that this student is mocking the preacher, but that doesn’t keep the gag from running on for about 10 minutes as we see a hate-filled man get upstaged by a smart-ass college kid in a hoodie.

You’d think that the preacher would get wise when the kid screams that cigarettes cause homosexuality, Never underestimate the power of denial when people want to validate their own beliefs, no matter how far off the mark they are.