How to Make More Money Selling Mobile Ads: Easy, Sell More of Them

Sometimes I wonder if one of the reasons people increasingly like consuming media on mobile devices (in addition to plain old convenience) is because there's just less crap. Pop-ups aren't as much of an issue, there are fewer ads—or smaller ads—and publishers have to present a lean experience—smaller navs, for instance.

The conventional wisdom is that you can only fit one ad on a mobile phone screen, which is one of the reasons there's so little money being made in mobile advertising. It's a real challenge for lots of folks, from news organizations to giants like Google and Facebook.

But Facebook may make $1 billion on mobile ads in the next year. And The Atlantic points out that one way they'll do it is by effectively adding more advertising:

The strategy now is to pick the low-hanging fruit: Slip subtle sponsored ads (or "stories") into mobile users' feeds.


So: More crap. Simple solution for now. But where's the real solution?