How to socialize a ‘spicy' feral cat.

The ‘how-to’ on taming wild kittens has quickly gone viral.

How to socialize a ‘spicy' feral cat.

Creative Commons/Flatbush Cats YouTube

Have you ever wondered how wild cats and kittens become well-adjusted house cats? It’s about more than just feeding them or being nice humans.

In this incredible new video from Flatbush Cats, you can view the entire process from rescue to adoption in glorious detail. Along with pulling at your heartstrings, the video has gone viral because it’s a handy, practical guide to dealing with feral cats.

The biggest takeaway is that it’s all about the hands, both when to use them (feeding newly rescued feral kittens) and when not to (when rescuing them, and when they are still learning to socialize).

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And follow the adventures of one of the rescued cats, Franny, here.

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