IBM GOODCo Nominee: Just Born IBM GOODCo Nominee: Just Born

IBM GOODCo Nominee: Just Born

February 19, 2012

IBM, GOOD's partner in the search for the most innovative and responsible mid-sized companies, selected Just Born, a candy company headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as a finalist in the GOOD Company Project.

The venerable, family-owned confectioner deluges the world in Peeps during the Easter season—and pretty much the rest of the year, too. Just Born also makes classics like Mike & Ike and Peanut Chews, but just because the company has been making candy for decades doesn't mean it isn't keeping up with the latest trends in business: It's leveraged technology and trade to expand its business around the world in the last decade, making its candy available to 1.5 billion people worldwide. Despite its global outlook, Just Born hasn't forgotten its roots, manufacturing all its candies at its Bethlehem headquarters, where it is engages the community with a comprehensive volunteer program and donations to over 150 local charities, nonprofits and schools. 

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IBM GOODCo Nominee: Just Born