IBM GOODCo Nominee: Music Mastermind

Breaking down the barrier between music lover and music creator.


IBM, GOOD's partner in the search for the most innovative and responsible mid-sized companies, selected Music Mastermind, a music software development company headquartered in Calabasas, California, as a finalist in the GOOD Company Project.

Music Mastermind is on a mission to make everyone find their inner composer. The company is committed to developing music technology that breaks down the barrier between appreciating music and creating it. Founded in 2008 by Matt Serletic—a Grammy Award-winning producer-songwriter and former chairman and CEO of Virgin Records—and Bo Bazylevsky, former managing director and global head of emerging markets corporate bond trading at JP Morgan, the company hopes to benefit from the growing trend in user-created content. Unlike conventional music creation software, Music Mastermind’s Zya allows users to create freely without needing special training or knowledge, and uses cloud computing to makes music creation accessible on PCs, tablets, or smart phones.