If Radiohead Can Do It, So Can We If Radiohead Can Do It, So Can We

If Radiohead Can Do It, So Can We

September 27, 2008
Yup. Pick your price. Pay what you want: a dollar or more. It all goes to charity. And you get GOOD for a year (a subscription was $20 before). Our goal is to create a collaborative community of individuals, businesses, and non-profits. We feel that the content is the invitation into this community and we didn't want to make the invitation too expensive. We thought about what we like and respect, and we decided that what Radiohead did meshed with where our heads are at. So meet the new model for GOOD. Hopefully this is an invitation you'll accept. Hopefully you'll find content that turns you on, people who share your mindset, and tools that help you live the valuable life however you see it.Check back for a follow-up. We'll update you on how this is working out on October 22.

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If Radiohead Can Do It, So Can We