If You Get a Speeding Ticket, Should Your Income Determine the Price?

In Finland, speeding tickets are based not only on how fast you're driving, but also on how much money you make. Mental Floss has a great rundown of five seriously costly moving violations, including a $103,000 fine for driving 47 miles per hour in a 31 zone (converted from metric).Sound crazy? Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't. The idea seems to be that income-related tickets would affect the rich just as significantly as the poor-and therefore dissuade them equally. That part makes a lot of sense, and it could surely do wonders for a city's revenue. Then again, revenue-centric law enforcement can lead to some morally questionable priority sets on the part of officers.What do you think? Should the size of the fines we pay for infractions be contingent on our incomes?Photo (cc) by Flickr user ZeroOne.