#ImWithKer Aims To Fight Racist Pro-Trump Memes

Who better to fight Pepe the Frog?

via Twitter

Pepe the Frog started back in 2005 as an innocent comic character that embodied the philosophy of “Feels good man.” Over the years, Pepe would evolve into a meme that represented sadness, anger, and smugness. But during this year’s presidential race, Pepe was co-opted by the alt right as a white nationalist icon in memes which were shared by Donald Trump, Jr and other Trump surrogates. Given the candidate’s appeal to white supremacists, Pepe has become readily identified as a symbol of the Trump campaign in the darkest corners of the Internet. Recently, because of its anti-Semitic associations, the Anti-Defamation League added the frog to its list of hate symbols.

Fed up with Trump supporters and their disgusting Pepe memes, John Marshall, editor and publisher of the Talking Points Memo, decided to reclaim green frogs for the Internet once and for all. So he enlisted America’s most beloved frog, Kermit, to fight Pepe under #ImWithKer.

Clinton supporters and those against alt-right racism got on board quickly.

Of course, then the alt right struck back.