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Hugging Tiger, Hugging Lion

In case you missed it, two separate instances of amazing large-cat-hug situations.

There was a story about Bengali tigers in the New Yorker back in April that we're still not over. The best part goes: A man was traveling through the forest, when he turned to see a tiger lunging at him, roaring. So he hugged it. He said, "I knew I was going to die. So I embraced the tiger. He was soft. The tiger was soft. Like a sponge." Consequently, the tiger freed him and dragged one of his companions into the forest by the throat.

True story. Embrace that which is about to gnaw your face off, and things will turn out alright. Very profound, very applicable.

And on a related, equally life-altering, but way cuter note, here's a video which also involves embracing a large jungle cat, only no one gets mauled, and everyone is laughing and wearing bellbottoms.

A little background: these two (very stylish) Australians were living in London in 1969, and purchased a lion cub at Harrods department store, back in the days when you could still purchase lion cubs in department stores. When the lion (named Christian) outgrew their flat, they sadly resigned to sending him to Africa to live in the wild. Apparently, they were specifically told he would not remember them. NSFW because you might start crying tears of joy in your cubicle and everyone will see you and think you are a sap.


Thanks Denise for both cat hugs.

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