New Coke Ad Shows A Brother and Sister Fighting Over The Pool Boy

It’s a fresh twist on the Diet Coke hunk campaign

In 1994, Diet Coke aired an iconic ad called “Break” where women in an office building ogled a hunky shirtless construction worker as he enjoyed a Coca-Cola. This would lead to a series of commercials where men with six-pack abs chugged Diet Cokes for intrigued women. Now, Coca-Cola has taken their hunky ads and made them even more inclusive in a new ad called “Pool Boy.”

“Pool Boy” features a type of sibling rivalry rarely seen in TV commercials. It stars a teenage brother and sister who are both enamored with the pool boy. The siblings fight each other tooth-and-nail to see who can grab a thirst-quenching cola and give it to him first. But, in the end, it’s mom who gets the last laugh. This isn’t Coca-Cola’s first LGBT-friendly ad campaign. Back in 2014, the beverage giant created an ad featuring gay fathers taking their daughter ice skating.

Coca-Cola spokeswoman Kate Hartman told The Huffington Post that the ad is a “human story where Coca-Cola plays a key role in the development of the drama.” She also acknowledged that the spot represents the company’s belief in inclusivity. “The story also includes a wink that touches on our point of view regarding diversity and inclusion,” she said. “We strive for diversity, inclusion and equality in our business,” she said, “and support these rights in society through our work.”