Four Texas Couples Come Together to Build an Eco-Friendly Commune

by Tod Perry

July 8, 2015

Remember when you were young and swore with friends you’d all buy houses next to each other so you’d never grow apart? Well, four couples just outside of Austin, Texas have recently made that dream come true. The four couples purchased a plot of land together on the Llano River and built four small, eco-friendly homes on it for a project dubbed the “Llano Exit Strategy.”

Originally, the couples were going to make one large house to share together, but later decided against it. After all, good fences make good neighbors, right? Instead they built four 400-square-foot cabins all in a row. Additionally, they added a 1500-square-foot building they share that includes a kitchen, activity area, and dining room. 

Via Alexander Stross

Each cabin's interior is modern with rustic flourishes.

Via Alexander Stross

Catch tanks positioned beside sloped roofs collect rainwater for greater sustainability.

Via Alexander Stross

After 20 years of friendship, these families now get to create a real community together. 

Via Alexander Stross


(H / T Alexander Stross)


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Four Texas Couples Come Together to Build an Eco-Friendly Commune