Instagram Is Having A Meltown Over This Image 

by Raleigh Van Ness

April 14, 2017

National Geographic is known for some of the most dazzling images in the world, but the outlet recently outraged many of its 74 million-plus follower on Instagram with this picture of a woman standing on a train track. 

What’s wrong with this seemingly inviting, adventurous  kind of shot signature to NatGeo? It’s the highly dangerous and illegal practice of shooting pictures on active train tracks. Photographers and Instagram users alike were critical of NatGeo’s promotion of this risky idea, according to the photography site PetaPixel, which recently posted a story about a pregnant model in Texas who was struck and killed by a train while posing on tracks. Here, a few comments from NatGeo’s instagram feed:

The image has generated nearly a half million likes so far, which is worrisome for photographers who are concerned this image will encourage amateurs to test their luck. 

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Instagram Is Having A Meltown Over This Image