Interactive Map: The Melting Ice in Greenland Would Blanket New York in 41 Feet of Snow

Climate Central's interactive tool lets you place the ice Greenland is losing on top of your home state.

It's really, really hard to comprehend the massive volumes of ice that are melting from our planet's higher latitudes and elevations. Fortunately, Climate Central has built a handy interactive tool that can help you get your head around it.

From 2004 to 2007 (the latest solid numbers on record), the Greenland ice shelf lost an average of 177 billion metric tons of ice a year. On Climate Central's interactive map, you can click on your home state to see what that translates to in snowfall covering the entire area. In New York, it equals an extra 41 feet or so of snowfall per year. If the ice lost in Greenland dumped over all of California, it'd be an amazing 14 feet of snow.

Play around with the map yourself, and read Climate Central's expert analysis on how we know the massive Arctic island is losing ice, and why it's happening.