Intermission: Dropping Your Camera Becomes High Art in "Oops"

A 10-minute video seamlessly weaves found footage of camera drops-and turns it into compelling art.

The short film "Oops," by Chris Beckman, just took top honors in the experimental category of the Vimeo Awards. It's a 10-minute collection of seamlessly woven bits of found footage where each clip ends with a camera being dropped. Oddly enough, it's bizarrely compelling.


Beckman, who got the concept from Billy Rennekamp, describes the project thusly:

Somewhere between a home-video mixtape and a postmodern travelogue, "oops"—a ten-minute art video composed entirely of appropriated YouTube videos, seamlessly stitched together via a motif of camera drops—serves both as transportative adventure and metaphorical elucidation of YouTube itself (i.e. endless related videos), exemplifying the Internet's infinite repository of "throwaway" social documentation.


Via Creative Review; credits for each of the appropriated clips can be found here.

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