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Intermission: Photography You Can Throw Intermission: Photography You Can Throw

Intermission: Photography You Can Throw

by Nina Lincoff

October 18, 2011

When my brother was about 10 years old, he received a kiddie camera as a present. It was covered in purplish plastic that lent it an indestructible air. Attached to the camera was a yellow hand cord, perfect in length for a small child to swing around as he walked. And so, my brother, walking by the San Francisco Bay, swung his camera and launched it straight into the water. Oops.

Too bad he didn't have a sweet panoramic ball camera, a throwable (though perhaps not waterproof) green ball complete with 36 mini-cameras. Thrown up into the air, it delivers 360 degrees of high-perspective image. In addition to awesome images, it’s technology you can play with. Awesome.

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Intermission: Photography You Can Throw